LC is a well-known brand name in Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh. Implementing good restaurant marketing campaign featuring consistent messages and visual designs in all of its marketing materials as well as the interior and exterior appearance of the restaurant, we have been able to tap a big chunk of customers in these states

Our design concept matches our target market. Keeping in mind the youngsters, kids and families, we have chosen a fun, playful design. While catering to empty nesters, our designs are more sophisticated.The color scheme for our restaurant’s creative platform has been designed keeping in mind the mood and appetite of diners.

Everything in our restaurant conveys what our brand wants to say, including the interior design and décor, menu, prices, food, drinks, uniforms, marketing, advertising, website and customer service. Our brand is cohesive through out our entire operation, and reflects its desired image and vision. We have developed a clientele based on our reputation and marketing efforts. Assuring best products and services in town we have built credibility and good reputation. Our brand identity ZIMBA has become very popular in due course of time and is spreading fast through word of mouth. Effective strategies have attracted customers to our restaurant and have added more compelling and meaningful value to your “open” sign.


Broadly the target market of LC is based on 4 models:

  • LC Takeaway (600-800 sqft)
  • LC Express (1000-1500 sqft)
  • LC Standard (1600-2500 sqft)
  • LC Drive Thru (4000-1 acre)

Location is vital factor to consider before we open our chain because it determines how many customers we will have and in turn will affect the return on investment. To make the venture successful we open our chains in places with high visibility and high traffic. We usually locate our restaurants by highways, business streets and shopping centers, malls, colleges and universities.

With our experienced team, we penetrate the market location of the chain to be opened and hence decide the RIGHT MODEL to be implemented based highly on the factors like population density, footfall expectation, consumer behavior, in short a detailed market analysis. All these efforts are put in to ensure excellent return on investment within a short span of time.


The relationship between us and franchisee involve regulations and standards to define the the quality of services and products to be sold by franchisee. The relation between franchisor and franchisee is of two way mutual benefit.On one hand franchise gives life to our brand and in return gets financial independence.

We believe in the fact that in return for the advantages enjoyed by the franchises, by virtue of their association with us, control of quality and standards in the systems is essential.We do encourage our franchises to make contributions to the development to the business of the franchised chain with their individual talent and qualities permit.

We utilize a combination of national, regional and local advertising programs, in most of the areas. LC Systems Pvt. Ltd. has a very effective purchasing and distribution program that provides quality products at extremely competitive prices to its franchise community through a network of approved suppliers and distributors.

We are constantly looking for business oriented individuals who are seeking long-term financial independence and who are dedicated to the success of their business. We have a proven system and many years of experience to assist them in this endeavor and to make the transition as easy as possible. While actual restaurant experience is not a prerequisite, it is important that the franchises possess a general understanding of business principles

Our franchisees have constantly helped us to reach the market where physical presence is not possible with the help of their local assistance. To minimize the risk, we as franchisors impose standards and demand that they are maintained so that the maximum benefit is derived by all franchises.


Our designing process of kitchen and providing you with kitchen equipment varies from site to site. Our highlight is that we provide our clients with customized machines which are anytime ready to fulfill their requirements. We deal with national and international vendors for our equipment. Our motto is to make the project cost efficient and of highest level of international standards


Our interior design team assists with clients to give them the very best Commercial Interior Design, the perfect physical space for staff to serve and entertain the customer. It is the stage upon which the elements of brand identity, product innovation, visual merchandising and employee engagement come together.

We have expert professionals who provide essential ongoing support to aid in all day-to-day restaurant operations. Our field operations team has extensive experience in working through business strategies and challenges and is always available to share that knowledge. Stock is maintained on regular basis. Complete set of custom floor plans are developed for each location. Proper customer traffic flow and seating are laid out.

The staff provided by us is from the best hospitality management institutes of India. Staff training is a very important element of business operations. Before the staff is allotted to the store, they undergo a training program that is designed to ensure optimum effectiveness and preparedness for your restaurant’s systems and operations. Ongoing training support is provided including training procedures for new product roll outs. They are trained in following areas:

  • Consistent emphasis on maintaining appearance and hygiene standards.
  • Staff is trained to serve quality food to the customers. This includes serving food at a specific temperature.
  • The staff is trained for appearance and decoration of the serving dishes to make meals attractive. The staff specifically engaged in preparing/cooking food is trained for clean and healthy cooking methods.
  • Staff is trained for providing fast and attentive service for the customers. They are trained for teamwork and a healthy working environment.


Having different outlets at different locations is a challenge to maintain quality of product and outlet. With our extensive research and experience we maintain proper quality supply chain to keep control on our inventory which in turn also helps to keep outlets updated.

We believe that a hygienic and professional approach is very essential in a fast food business like ours. LC Systems Pvt. Ltd. ensures that each and every ingredient used in our unique blend of seasonings is a promise and assurance of quality that gives our customers the highest level of satisfaction, due to our distinctive yet delicious taste of our dishes.

We follow Standard recipes and guide you through the preparation part of using those recipes. The taste of the dishes can be easily customized according to the Indian flavor. Packaging material would be supplied by us on 24X7 basis.